Fourteen players banned for life in match fixing case

Salvadorean football federation banned for life 14 players involved in match fixing. Three more wers suspend for six and 18 months, one was acquitted and four are still under investigation.

SAN SALVADOR. Carlos Méndez Cabezas, Salvadorean football federation (FESFUT) president, released the punishments to the players involved in match fixing.

Luis Anaya, Osael Romero, Ramón Sánchez, Christian Castillo, Miguel Granadino, Miguel Montes, Dagoberto Portillo, Dennis Alas, Darwin Bonilla, Ramón Flores, Alfredo Pacheco, Mardoqueo Henríquez, Marvin González y Reynaldo Hernández no longer can play football.

Beside the 14 banned for life, FESFUT alson sanctioned with 18 months to Romeo Monteagudo; Eliseo Quintanilla and Víctor Turcios were banned for six months. Benji Villalobos, Rodrigo Martínez, Rodolfo Zelaya and Emerson Umaña are still suspended but they have to wait 20 days more to know if they are punished.

Meanwhile, Carlos Carrillo was acquitted and is able to go back to the football activity immediately.

Méndez also said that Yimmy Cuéllar, Alexander Escobar and Christian Sánchez are suspended for 30 days for investigations regardin the game in Venezuela on may of this year.

FESFUT president added that they will send to FIFA the notification if the ban is applied worldwide. He added: “The investigation will continue. This fight has to be permanent".


For life
Luis Anaya
Osael Romero
Ramón Sánchez
Christian Castillo
Miguel Granadino
Miguel Montes
Dagoberto Portillo
Dennis Alas
Darwin Bonilla
Ramón Flores
Alfredo Pacheco
Mardoqueo Henríquez
Marvin González
Reynaldo Hernández

For 18 months
Carlos Romeo Monteagudo

For 6 months
Eliseo Quintanilla
Víctor Turcios

Still in investigation
Rodolfo Zelaya
Rodrigo Alejandro Martínez
Benji Villalobos
Emerson Umaña

Carlos Carillo

Suspended for 30 days
Yimmy Cuéllar
Alexander Escobar
Christian Sánchez

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