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“Dennis Alas told me to go to the meeting”

One of the players that took part in the meeting with match fixers in Washington, in 2010, confessed to EL GRÁFICO that Dennis Alas was the one who invited him to go to a hotel room to discuss that matter and insisted to accept the match fixing twice the next day. Also, estimates in more than 50 the salvadorean players that have participated in this kind of activities, that would include at least a game of the World Cup Qualifier in 2009, according to Alas himself. The source says this information is in hands of Attorney General office.



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When was the first time you heard about match fixing in the national team?
I heard about it in 2010, that someone told me about it. At the beginning I did not believe it, how they were going to pay for losing? Before 2010 I did not hear anything.

It was before the game against DC United, played in Washington, that you heard about match fixing for the first time? Or was specifically in Washington?
I knew it before, but I am not sure of the date.

What is your versión of what happened in Washington before the game against DC United?
I was in my room when Dennis Alas called me and told me to go to another room. It was during the afternoon. I went to the room and other teammates were already there, all that have been mentioned in the newspapers. I lean at the door, they were already negotiating, Dagoberto and Dennis were speaking. I heard that in the first 15 to 20 minutes no goals should be received and that later the score should be by a margin of three goals, 3-0 or 2-0. They were talking to a spanish speaking man, I do not know if he was panamanian as the newspapers say. They negotiated.  As soon as I walked out of the room, I told Dennis that I was not agree, that I do not feel well, that I am not going to lose my country. He asked me “why?” and I said “because not”. The next day, when we were going to the stadium at the bus, Dennis told me that a player would have a phone at the bench during the game to text or talk with the match fixers because the indications could change during the game.

What player?
That player was Eliseo Quintanilla. In fact, during the game, during the first half, Dennis came to Cheyo and he told him something from the bench. Then, Dennis came to me during the game and said: “change of plans”. That is what I know, I do not know if they took the money or not, I do not think so because the score that was told was not the final score.

Then, going backwards to the meeting, when you got out of the meeting with the mobsters, were they conviced the match would be fixed?
 I think they were because I did not hear anyone said something different. At the end, I left there in shock, you could see they were not good people. There were three of them, two like asians or chinese and one that spoke spanish.

At the end of the game, what happened?
Nothing. We went back to the hotel and I did not know anything else.

That same year, in september, you played against Guatemala and lost 2-0. Was almost the same team that went to Washington. Did you comment about what happened?
I did not know anything, maybe they did not tell me because the first time I said no.

Throughout 2010 and 2011, did you hear something new about this issue?
On Cayman Islands, after a game in the last World Cup Qualifier, I remember that outside the hotel, at the beach, the majority of the team met and the jokes about the one that had fixed matches and the others that did not began. Some of them accepted they have done it, but I do not know exactly who are the ones that accepted.
Two sources of these newspaper, teammates of you in the national team, say that Alexander Escobar started to argue with others about this matter, upset because they were proposing not to fix matches on the next rounds of the World Cup Qualifier. Because of this discussion, other players that were not aware of the match fixing found it out. At least one of them was angry and swore he would not come back to the national team.

I  can not recall an argue, only talks about this issue among some teammates.

That was in 2011. Most recently, did you hear of new fixed matches in the national team?
Yes, some of my teammates talked about other games before… even two games this year, against Paraguay and Ecuador, they told me they had fixed those games. I heard the one in Venezuela too.

This year games?
Yes, I heard something.

One source of EL GRÁFICO said that one of the players involved in the match fixing of this year games of the national team is Luis Anaya, despite he did not play.
I understand, well, I am sure Luis Anaya was involved in the fixing of the match the national team lost 5-0 in the 2011 Gold Cup against México. I was told they got from 27 to 24 thousand dollars each for that game in the Gold Cup.

Did anyone accepted they had done it there, in the Gold Cup?
No, it was after, when time went by, we realized of how things went.

Connecting the dots?
No. We found out when Dennis Alas told several of us that he had accepted between 24 to 27 thousand dollars for that game. That the ones involved then were Alas himself, Marvin González, Miguel Montes, Luis Anaya and others I can not recall. I don't know, but these are the words of Dennis that several of the players heard in the national team.
The version of the fixing of this match of 2011 Gold Cup comes from two years ago, according to few sms that a Singaporean close to the match fixers network sent to an international journalistic source offering a big story about match fixing. In the framework of his negotiation with the journalist, which occurred hours before the inauguration of the tournament, the Singaporean informed that in the Gold Cup some games of the nationals teams from El Salvador, Cuba and Granada will be fixed. Chris Eaton, former director of security of FIFA, spoke about the possession of those sms with EL GRÁFICO, in an interview at the end of 2011.

Is there any kind of harassment from the players involved against the ones that did not accept?
No, they tell you, in confidence, that they know you will not say anything about this, that is a very delicate topic.
Is there any coach or any executive member involved, according to what they say?
Some of them said “here there is everything, coaches, executive members”, but I do not know, maybe… Several of the ones who have done it say it as a matter of fact, they say that even who have not done it is going to fall.

Any of your teammate have called to ask you not to talk about now that is on the news?
Some teammates have agreed not to talk about it, they told me: “you do not talk about what you know”.

If you had to establish an estimate of players that have participated at least once in this, that have take money to sell a game of the national team or at the CONCACAF Champions League from what you know or what you have heard, what would be the figure?
The truth, from what I have heard and the comments of others, between 50 and 70. I have heard it from people that have done it.
In the concentrations of the national team, who are the ones that talk the most about this issue?
Several of them. Some talk in confidence, they are encouraged because you have never said anything and is a delicate topic. And the other is they talk about it because there is no trust with the federation members, it is all rotten inside, you talk and everyone knows who did it.

Who are the closest players to the fixers by what you have heard?
Luis Anaya, Miguel Montes, Marvin González, Dennis Alas, Dagoberto Portillo, Mardoqueo Henríquez.
Have you ever heard of differences between them because of this, rivalry, because one has discard other from a business?
I have heard that sometimes one gets more money and they argue about it.

Have you been interviewed by the Federation?
Who did the questions?
Two people.
Were you satisfied with the questioning?
No, definitely not. They asked very few questions, just a few things, I felt they were not interested in knowing deeply what is going on, and I did not say anything else for that same reason, I do not have the confidence.

Would you like to add something else, something the people should know?
Yes. They must know of a game from the 2009 World Cup Qualifier. Dennis Alas told me in 2010 that the game El Salvador was winning 2-0 to the United States, in Cuscatlán stadium. He told me it was fixed, but he would not give me more details, just that Miguel Montes pretended  he was injured because he was terrified because the outcome of the game was not the one they wanted, and I do not know how many goals had to be scored. He did not mentioned other players.

Have you to talked about this with authorities?
All of this is in knowledge of the Attorney General Office.

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